Vintage Pocketknives-Antique Collectible Folders

Collecting older, vintage pocket knives is a very popular hobby in the USA. Some great sources for these lost treasures are the weekend yard sales, flea markets and estate sales.

Vintage Puma-Werk 2 Blade Folding Pocket KnifeHermes W. Broch Inox Solingen Razor Hunting Pocket Knife/Gold BrassAntique Pre-WWII Maussner Germany Miniature Pocket Knife/Wine Opener/Fob1936 Winchester Toothpick Stag Scales Pocket Knife

It is not uncommon to find an old CASE XX, Browning or Uncle Henry folder lying on the corner of a table at these sales. I have friends who have found vintage 1930s Cataragus knives from Little Valley, NY and even Carl Schlieper lock-blades from Solingen Germany. Indeed there are some beautiful knives to found at these places if you have the time and patience.

Vintage Holley Lakeville CT Pocket Knife 1854-1930sVintage John Primble Barlow Hammer Shield Pocket KnifeVintage Stockman Pocket Knife/High Carbon Steel USAVntg Spyderco USA Seki Japan/Lockback Folding Survival KnifeVintage Schrade Walden Push Button Safety Pocket Knife

Another great source for antique and vintage knives is eBay! While the weekend yard sales and auctions can be worthwhile, they most definitely take up a lot of your valuable time. This problem is solved when you shop for collectible pocket knives on eBay.

Vintage Schlieper Two Blad Canoe/Bone Handle/Folding KnifeVintage Pauls Bros. Echo 2 Blade Bone Handle Pocket KnifeOld Cattaraugus Whittler Pocket KnifeOld Collectible Robeson Shuredge USA

If you are new to the eBay experience, get ready to be overwhelmed, in a good way! Its very easy to register and start shopping. You do not need to register to check out the amazing selection of these old collectible knives, but you will not be able to purchase unless you sign up. I suggest you do, it only takes a minute!

"The best selection of Vintage Pocket Knives are hiding out on eBay!"

There are a lot of collectors buying & selling on this auction giant. This is good for avid collectors seeking specific pieces for their collection. Where else on the planet can you search for and locate a specific brand "hard to find" antique folding knife in seconds? Probably nowhere!

5 Dot 1985 Case XX Stag/New Grind Stockman Pocket KnifeCase XX Vntg. Red Bone 2 Blade FolderBuck USA 1990 309 YW Companion two Blade Pocket KnifeVintage 1989 Buck USA 301YW Yellow Cattle Stockman Knive NOS (new old stock)Vintage Case XX No. 6250 Sunfish Elephant Toe/2 Blade
Vintage collectible Buck & Case pocket knife deals are easily found on eBay!

Can you find a "steal" of a deal on eBay? Yes, you can, but you've got to be quick on the draw! By a steal of a deal, I'm talking about something like a 1920s Vintage Remington, Bertram Hen & Rooster, Pocket Eze Spring back folder or a George Schrade Presto pocket knife for $25.00! These windfalls are rare, but they do happen, every week!

Vntg John Nowill & Sons Sheffield Folding Pocket KnifeVintage Cataraugus 22739 two blade Folding Pocket KnifeCollectible 1976 Queen Steel 19 Trapper Pocket KnifeOld Maher Grosh Pocket Jack Knife

Deals like that only happen when a non collector finds a stash of old dust covered pocket knives from a deceased Uncle, Father or Grandfather's collection, usually in an old shoebox or rusted toolbox. These kinds of finds are often posted on eBay since the new owner has no interest in them, yet realizes there might be some value. If they happen to create "Buy it Now" listings (rather than auctions) and you happen to see it first, that's how you get the steals!

Vintage Remington Boy Scout Pocket Knife/4 Blades BoneVintage Girl Scouts Pocketknife Ulster Dwight Divine & SonsVntg Large Hobo Boy Scout Survival
Boy Scouts of America collectible knives are popular on eBay!

Finding standard collectibles from the popular brands of years gone bye is easy. Brands like Case, Buck, Boker, Old Timer, Schrade and Imperial are found and purchased at fair market prices everyday! The best part is you can shop from your home and you don't have to drive around all day wasting gas money and time!

There's also plenty of NOS (new old stock) pocket knives being offered. Often times an old fashioned family hardware store will go out of business and un-opened stock can be found hidden in the back room. Talk about treasure! Finds like these are often vintage 1980's with brands like Fight'n Rooster, 5 or 7 Dot Case hunting knives, Parker or Buck Pony or Maverick Stags. Occasionally you might find NOS like a 1950's Queen Steel USA, 1960s Schmidt & Ziegler German Bull or even some 1920s Remington models like the Pocket Jack. Most of the NOS will be from the 1970s through the early 2000's.

Vintage New York Knife Co Walden/2 Blade/Ebondy PocketknifeBoker Germany Solingen Tree Brand/Lock Back Blade/Wood HandleRemington UMC Stars & Stripes American Flag Folder Bowen Vintage Pocket Knife/333 Triple BladeVintage C.F. Wolfertz Co. Allentown PA/2 Blade/Brass

I'm not a big collector of vintage pocket knives, although I do have some. (I buy mostly new knives that will be vintage collectibles someday!) Even so, I wanted to post this information about eBay because there are many pocket knife enthusiasts out there who have never even seen the huge selection eBay has to offer! If you collect, you need to visit the site and see for yourself what's going on there.

Not only can you buy, you can sell! It's a great trading opportunity for any collector and the vintage pocket knife category is a happening community for experts and novices alike. Happy collecting!

1950s Colonial USA Shur-Snap PocketknifeJapanese Made/Chicago Cutlery FolderBowen Vintage Pocket Knife/333 Triple Blade
Beautiful vintage pocket knives like these are bought and sold everyday on eBay!
Vintage 1966 Camillus Vietnam Era Military 4 BladeFight n Rooster Pocket Knife 1982 Schrade Walden 836/Old Carbon Steel Pocket Knife

Find a huge selection of vintage collectible Pocket Knives on eBay at bargain prices!"