Smith & Wesson Pocketknives

Smith and Wesson Pocketknives

Smith and Wesson is famous for its firearms. However, the company also has a line of knives. The gun manufacturer does not develop the knife line in any of its plants, but consumers can buy Smith and Wesson brand knives produced by a quality knife developer.


Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson established their first company during the early 1850s. The company's first product was a lever action pistol. Unfortunately, the pair's marketing attempt was unsuccessful, and they had to sell the company. However, the experience helped the duo succeed with their second product, which was the Model 3 firearm. The gun was the first caliber cartridge revolver in the world. With the successful production of the weapon, the company became an industry leader for more than 150 years.

The company's main purpose is to manufacture products for safety and security purposes. Therefore, Smith and Wesson's expansion into knives was the next logical step. The first Smith and Wesson knives were produced in 1974. Initially, the company manufactured its knives in house. From 1986 to 1993, Vermont Cutlery Company of West Rutland developed the company's knives. Today, the Taylor Cutlery Company manufactures knives with the Smith and Wesson name.

Smith and Wesson Limited Edition Knives

The Smith and Wesson Turquoise Sunfish pocketknife is one of the company's collectibles. The cutting tool features nickel silver bolsters, channel inlays with natural stone and nickel silver inserts. The company fashions the knife's three blades from stainless steel, and the main blade has the Smith and Wesson name etched on it.

The Smith and Wesson 1303 model is another collectible edition. It features two blades, and it measures 4.5 inches long in the closed position. The knife model has the Smith and Wesson name embossed on its central blade, and the cutting edge is made from 440 stainless steel.

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Recommended Smith and Wesson Pocketknives

Amazon offers Smith and Wesson's Border Guard Rescue Knife that comes with plenty of survival and rescue features. For instance, the company's design team made the knife with a big blade, heavy-duty glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. The knife's blade measures 4.4 inches long, and it has an overall length of 10 inches. In addition, owners of the knife model will appreciate the blade's easy and fast deployment as well as its coating of black Teflon, which increases the blade's longevity. The Border Guard Rescue Knife is also sturdy as it weighs 9 ounces. Two sections of machined aircraft aluminum were used to make the knife's handle, and the development company added texturing to prevent slippage during use. The interior of the handle features a blackened steel liner lock to hold the blade securely in place and prevent wobbling.

Smith & Wesson Border Guard Folding Knives/Drop Point & Tanto ShownSmith & Wesson Border Guard Folding Knives View of Blades Close upSmith & Wesson Military Law Enforcement Knife-SWAT Knife
TwoSmith & Wesson Border Guard fixed blades & 2 SWAT pocketknives.

The Smith and Wesson SWM05LS model is another handy tool. It is a Multipurpose Assisted Generational Innovative Cutlery, or MAGIC, assisted opening knife. Therefore, it comes with some of the industry's most current technology. People who prefer to carry a knife at all times will appreciate the model's assisted opening feature because it allows them to deploy the blade quickly, but since the model is not considered an automatic knife, it can still be carried legally. It also comes with a secure slide lock to prevent the blade from deploying accidentally. The company forms the blade in a drop point design, and the cutting edge features a coating of Teflon 4034 stainless steel. Aircraft aluminum with a covering of olive green rubberized scales was used to craft the handle, which makes it slip resistant. The knife weighs 7.2 ounces, and the blade is 3.5 inches long.

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Smith & Wesson Swat First Mellennium Run Knife/Plain BladeS&W Swat First Millennium Run Knife Closed ViewS&W Swat First Millennium Run Knife Close up Blade View
The S&W Swat knife is a sleek, modern folder with a great grip.

Smith and Wesson's SWFRS First Response Knife is one of the company's recommended cutting tools. The knife model is made for emergencies such as car accidents and natural disasters. Consumers should consider buying the knife model to store in their automobile. However, its quality construction allows people to carry it for daily use. It comes with a drop point combination edge blade. Therefore, it features a partially serrated section for sawing through rope, a seat belt or clothing. Also, the manufacturer fashioned the blade from 440C high carbon stainless steel for enhanced durability. The blade is 3.3 inches long, and the knife's weight provides good balance during cutting tasks.

Smith & Wesson Pocket Knife S.O.R.T Spring Assisted OpenerS&W Folder S.O.R.T. Open View
This S.O.R.T. spring assisted is favorite of mine!

When consumers want to own a basic and useful cutting tool, they should consider buying the Smith and Wesson SW423BLinerlock Knife. It is affordable and sturdy. The knife model's blade is 3.2 inches long, and the company fashions the blade from 440C stainless steel. The handle features pillar frame construction, which makes it easy for owners to clean. In addition, the knife model is lightweight, and it comes with a handy pocket clip for comfortable and easy transport.

The Benefits of Buying a Smith and Wesson Pocketknife

Many of Smith and Wesson knives are made for police and military use. However, regular consumers will also find plenty of ways to use the company's knives. By purchasing a Smith and Wesson knife, consumers will own a cutting tool that may one day save their life.

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Smith & Wesson SW3B Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special ForcesSmith & Wesson SW3B Special Ops M-9 Close View Smith & Wesson Bullseye Hatchet/Knife Combo w/Sheath