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Schrade Pocketknives

George Schrade was a brilliant inventor. In 1904, Mr. Schrade and his two brothers, Joe and Louis, formed the Schrade Cutlery Company. However, prior to establishing the company, George had invented the player piano, saws on centers, weaver scissors and the dime bank. He also designed the switchblade knife, which was the creation that he focused on producing.

George's first switchblade knife featured a built-in button in the bolster. When a knife user pressed the button, it would cause the blade to spring open. The president of the Walden Knife Company, Edward Whitehead, took an interest in the clever knife design, and he talked George into moving the operation to the Walden facility. In 1903, George sold his switchblade patent to Walden and started the Schrade Cutlery Company with his brothers.

The brothers used a unique technique to mass produce quality cutlery, and as a result, the company became successful. In fact, the Schrade Cutlery Company sold superior pocketknives for about 40 years.

Albert Baer bought the company in 1946, and it became the Schrade Walden Cutlery Corporation. At the time, the business was also a division of the Imperial Knife Associated Companies organization. The company was able to stay in business for 50 more years. Unfortunately, in 2004, it closed its doors, and Taylor Brands LLC purchased the Schrade trademark.

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Best Schrade Knives

Knife enthusiasts will surely enjoy owning the Nitro Linerlock Knife as it weighs a comfortable 5.5 ounces. The knife model features an aluminum handle, and its stainless steel blade measures slightly more than 3 inches long.

The Schrade Avatar Knife is a popular model. The cutting tool has a part serrated blade made from stainless steel. In addition, the blade features a midnight black finish as well as a hole that allows people to open the blade with one hand. The handle is made from aluminum, and it includes black thermoplastic rubber inlays. Additional features of the knife include a pocket clip, lanyard hole and linerlock.

Knife collectors will appreciate owning the Schrade Scrimshaw Gunstock Trapper Knife. The tool has a clip and spey blade along with nail nicks for easy blade opening. Furthermore, both blades are made from stainless steel. It weighs 2.8 ounces, and it measures 3.9 inches long in the closed position. The knife model's handle is pale yellow Delrin with brass liners. Nickel silver bolsters and the Eagle Scrimshaw scene complete the knife's handle.

The SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet is one of the company's survival knives. The company makes the cutting tool from 1070 high carbon steel. In addition, the Schrade Bayonet features a heavy-duty polymer resin handle, and it comes with a scabbard. The blade is 8 inches long while the handle's length measures 5 inches. Users will appreciate the solidness of the knife as it weighs slightly more than 13 ounces.

Modern Schrade Collectibles

The 65th Anniversary Schrade Walden Lady Leg knife will appeal to patriotic knife enthusiasts as the handle features the stars and stripes design of the American flag. The knife includes nail nicks for convenient opening while the handle has nickel silver metal supports and brass liners. It weighs 1.6 ounces and measures 3.1 inches long when it is closed. The Lady Leg Knife comes with a clip and pen blade.

Collectors can purchase the Schrade Uncle Henry Limited Edition Pro Hunter Collection, which is a two-piece gift set. The knife set comes with a storage tin along with a leather sheath that features a belt clip. In addition, thePro Hunter knife> is 10 inches long, and the handle is manufactured from a heavy-duty material for extra durability.

The Schrade Limited Edition Old Timer 55th Anniversary Collector's Set features three knives and a storage tin. The set's three knives are the senior stockman, junior stockman and pal. Each knife includes stainless steel blades, brass pins and brass liners along with nickel silver shields and bolsters.

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The Schrade 735RPB Mariner's Knife is a distinctive cutting tool. Mariner's knives are also referred to as sailor's knives, and the item's design style is unique since it features a large brass bail on its end. The bail allows the user to attach the knife to a belt or a convenient area on a boat with a piece of rope to avoid losing it. The company forms the bail and bolsters from brass alloy. In addition, the knife's handle is 4.1 inches long, and the blade's length measures 2.8 inches. A sheepfoot blade is included with the 735RPB Schrade Mariner's Knife. The knife manufacturer added a blunt edge blade for safety reasons since people frequently use the knife style while they are onboard a shifting vessel. In fact, mariner knife owners generally use the tool to cut tackle and lines. The knife model features a marlinspike, which is also called a fid, that measures almost 3 inches long. The marlinspike is typically used to work out knots and unravel rope. The knife weighs 4.4 ounces.


Taylor Brands continues to produce quality Schrade knives. Contemporary Schrade knives generally feature durable stainless steel material, advanced handle designs and handy accessories.