SOG Folders-Fixed Blade Knives

A Little SOG History

The SOG Specialty Knife Company traces its beginnings to Vietnam when personnel from a top-secret United States special ops team carried a distinctly designed combat knife during its undercover missions. The military unit went by the name Studies and Observation Group, or SOG, and the group's knife was called the MACV-SOG. The combat knife inspired Spencer Frazer, a young knife designer, to establish the SOG Specialty Knife Company. Mr. Frazer's goal was to recreate the SOG Bowie to honor the military group that invented it. With the knife's successful creation, a company was born as the groundbreaking knife encouraged the designer to construct a full line of innovative tools. The company's knives have been field tested by the United States Special Forces, and the Navy SEALS have selected SOG knives as their chosen cutting tool.

SOG Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath

Today's SOG knives preserve most of their traditional military legacy, but modern day models also include handy features that appeal to people who want to carry a knife every day. Spencer Frazer is the company's principal designer. Furthermore, the company does not collaborate with other designers.

The company makes contemporary survival, tactical and fighter knives along with hatchets and tools that have multiple uses.

SOG Tactical TomahawkSOG Tactical Tomahawk w/Cover
SOG tomahawks are tough to beat!

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Recommended Folders

The SOG Visionary II is one of the company's quality folding knives. The knife model is made in SEKI City, Japan, and the knife's blade is 3.75 inches long. Its total length is 8.37 inches long, and the Visionary Knife weighs 4.3 ounces. Since the cutting tool features a reinforced plastic handle that covers a steel liner, the knife model offers consumers durability and comfort while they're using it. The Visionary Knife comes with a modified drop point blade, which gives owners a cutting tool that has a hardy tip. In addition, the knife model has a black powder coat, and it is ideal for tactical use. The Visionary cutting tool includes ambidextrous thumb studs to activate the blade and an arc lock for security.

SOG Visionary II Folding Blade Hunting Knive VS-02/Seki JapanSOG Visionary II Viewing Clip Side
SOG Folders are practical, quality cutting tools. Check out that Tomcat 3!
SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife/Satin Drop Point BladeTomcat-3 S95 Folding Knife/Satin Steel Blade Open View

SOG's Aegis Folding Knife is another quality cutting tool. Aegis is a Greek mythology term that means protector. The Aegis Knife comes with a 3.5-inch blade, and it weighs 3.1 ounces. Its total length measures 8.25 inches. The company forms the knife blade in a long leaf shape with a plain edge. In addition, the blade is made from a midrange Japanese stainless steel. The Aegis model includes a glass fortified nylon handle. Since the knife's handle does not feature metal liners, it is lighter than cutting tools made by other companies. SOG included its assisted opening device with the knife model, and as a result, it opens quickly and easily. To protect the user, the knife company installs an arc lock in the model. The arc lock is similar to a bolt lock.

SOG Bluto Arc Lock Folding Blade Utility Knife/VG-10 JapanSOG Bluto Arc Lock Folder/Utility Knife/Seki JapanSOG VG-10 Bluto Seki Japan Pocket Knife/Closed ViewVG-10 SOG bluto/Seki Japan/Open View/Black
These Bluto's are especially nice! The first one is a limited edition, only 250 made.

Recommended Fixed Blade Knives

The SOG Ops Knife is one of the company's superior fixed blade knife models. SOG manufactures the knife model with a 4.85-inch long blade that features a drop point design, which makes the cutting tool ideal for slicing and penetrating tasks. The company makes the knife model with a plain satin finish or titanium nitride coating. SOG used glass-reinforced nylon to fashion the knife's handle. The company also coats the handle in medium texturing to give users a solid grip.

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The SEAL Pup Knife is another quality fixed blade cutting tool. As one of the company's military inspired knives, the model is useful during tactical situations and for everyday use. SOG manufactures the knife's blade from AUS8 steel. In addition, the knife model comes with a large handle that features ergonomic advancements. SOG makes the handle from black glass reinforced nylon. The SEAL knife's blade measures 4.75 inches long, and its total length is 9 inches. The knife model's weight is 5.4 ounces, which makes it ideal for people who want a self-defense weapon that they can carry daily.

SOG's Pentagon Knife offers consumers flexibility as one side of its blade features a plain edge while the other side is serrated. The knife model has a 5-inch blade, and its total length is 9.75 inches. In addition, the knife's weight is 5.8 ounces. People who buy the knife model and plan to carry it frequently will appreciate that the Pentagon is light. SOG makes the blade from AUS 6, which is a good quality steel.

SOG Pentagon Fixed Blade DaggerSOG Pentagon Dagger w/Kydex SheathSOG Pentagon Seki Japan Fixed Blade Booth SheathPentagon Seki Japan Fixed Blade Viewing Tip Close Up
The Pentagon is one of SOG's top selling fixed blade knives!

The blade is easy to sharpen, and the material is resistant to corrosion. The knife model's two blades come in handy since the serrated side is good for cutting through tough material while the plain edge is ideal for making detailed cuts or slashing. The Pentagon is a full tang knife, and it features a Kraton handle that is wear and slip resistant. The knife model is affordable and useful.

Final Considerations

When knife users are in survival situations, they will appreciate the effectiveness of a SOG knife. In addition, the company's cutting tools are thoroughly tested to ensure that users have a quality knife that will endure years of use.