Old Timer Pocket Knives

Old Timer

Old Timer is a popular knife line that was produced by the Schrade Cutlery Company. The company spent 100 years developing pocketknives. Unfortunately, in 2004, Schrade closed its last factory. Taylor Brands purchased the company's trademarks and continues to sell pocketknives with the Old Timer logo. To maintain the brand's integrity, Taylor uses the original knife designs and patterns to manufacture new models. Therefore, consumers can feel confident buying a new edition Old Timer knife. In fact, Taylor even uses traditional packaging for its new Old Timer knives. The classic packaging allows older customers to reminisce about early knives, and it gives young knife enthusiasts a peek at the past.

Vintage Models

Knife aficionados should consider buying the Old Timer 8OT USA pocketknife. The model is a large stockman knife, and it comes with a clip, sheepsfoot and spey blade. The vintage knife was made in the United States, and the cutting tool's total length is 6.9 inches. It weighs just 2.8 ounces. Therefore, the handy device is easy to transport. Since the manufacturer made the blades from high carbon steel, the cutting edges remain sharp for a longer amount of time than knife blades made from different materials.

Schrade Old Timer 960T Trapper Tweezer Pin Blade Folding Pocket KnifeSchrade Old Timer Pocket Knife USA 930T Closed ViewSchrade Old Timer Pocket Knife USA 930-T
A few classics, the 960T & the 930T "Old Timer" models shown here.

Old Timer Collectibles

The Old Timer 55th Anniversary Wildlife Series Knife Set is a collection that knife enthusiasts will appreciate owning. The set comes with a fixed blade skinning knife and a three-blade pocketknife. Both models feature a straight edge blade that is made from high carbon stainless steel. The knife maker added visual interest to the cutting tools by embellishing the handles with wildlife scenes that depict white tailed deer. Heat-treated back springs, nickel silver bolsters and brass pins are additional features of both Anniversary knives. The skinning knife is 7 inches long, and it weighs 3.3 ounces. The pocketknife measures 6.9 inches long, and the entire set comes in an attractive tin.

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Vintage Schrade Old Timer Senior 80T/3-blade pocket knifeOld Timer Single Blade 1940T Pocket Knife/FolderVintage Schrade USA Folding Pocket Knife/Grand-Dad's Old Timer Collectible
A few more nice vintage collectible Old Timer pocket knives.

The Old Timer Mustang pocketknife is another popular cutting tool. Specifically, the item is a folding hunter pocketknife, and it features a Stagion handle, which is made from saw cut Delrin. The handle gives the knife a vintage feel. Furthermore, it is a model that was made before the Taylor takeover, so its construction occurred in the United States. Consumers will appreciate the knife's size, which is 5-1/4 inches long in the closed position. The Mustang has brass liners and nickel silver bolsters.

Newer Model Schrade Old Timer 430T Pocket Knife w/Box/USAOld Timer 430-T Pocketknife Made in USA Liner Lock
Newer Schrade "Old Timer" model, before Taylor & still made in USA

New Old Timer Knife Models

The Old Timer Minuteman Two Blade Pocketknife comes with a clip and pen blade. The company makes the knife's blades from high carbon stainless steel, and it has a saw cut Delrin handle. The Minuteman features solid brass lining and nickel silver supports.

Taylor Brands makes the Small Canoe Old Timer Pocketknife with a traditional saw cut brown Delrin handle. The cutting device measures 3 inches when it is closed, and the Small Canoe features brass liners, nickel silver bolsters and an Old Timer shield insert. It weighs just 1.8 ounces. When consumers purchase the pocketknife, they'll receive a spear and pen blade that are both manufactured from 400 series stainless steel. It also has nail nicks for convenient opening.

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The Junior Stockman Pocketknife is another new cutting tool produced by Taylor with the Old Timer trademark. The item comes with a clip, pen and sheepsfoot blade that the manufacturer fashions from stainless steel. The model has a saw cut Delrin handle as well as nickel silver bolsters and brass liners. The cutting tool also features the standard Old Timer shield or rope shield.

If knife enthusiasts need a basic pocketknife, then they should consider buying the Old Timer Pal model. It features one stainless steel clip blade along with the knife brand's traditional brown Delrin handle. The knife is 2-3/4 inches long when it is closed.

The Old Timer Folding Hunter Pocketknife is especially handy as it includes a clip and saw blade as well as a hatchet. The blades feature nail nicks for convenient opening, and the knife model includes the Delrin handle. Nickel silver bolsters, brass liners and the inlaid Old Timer shield complete the knife's design.


When consumers buy an old or a new Old Timer Knife, they'll have a long lasting cutting tool. In addition, knife enthusiasts can purchase Old Timer knife models that are as attractive as they are useful.