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Kershaw Pocketknives

In 1974, Pete Kershaw left his sales job with Gerber Knives and began the Kershaw Knife Company. In 1977, the Kai Company purchased Kershaw Knives. Kai is the current developer of Shun Cutlery, and when it secured the Kershaw Company, it decided to make Kershaw a separate division. Once Kai took over the production of Kershaw Knives, the company made the cutting tools in its Japan plant. In 1998, Kai opened a factory in the United States, and it shifted production of Kershaw Knives to the new plant in Wilsonville, Oregon. During 2003, the company expanded its operations again and opened another factory in Tualatin, Oregon, which is the division's current headquarters.

Kershaw is responsible for several popular innovations like the Alaskan Blade Trader. The company released the knife model in 1996. It is designed to be a gut hook-skinning knife. In 1997, the company introduced a multi tool that features a blade that users can open with one hand. It was the first multiuse tool that came with adjustable pliers that are built into the device.

Today, the company's product line includes approximately 200 different types of pocketknives, fishing knives and hunting knives as well as tools that feature multiple uses. In addition, Kershaw's current products are developed by Ken Onion and Frank Centofante who are two of the industry's renowned designers. Tactical knife enthusiasts along with police and military personnel typically prefer knives made by Kershaw.

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Vintage Kershaw Knives

The Kershaw Black Gulch Knife is one of the company's working tools as the knife model was built for heavy use. The Black Gulch is a traditional folding knife that comes with a 3-inch blade. It weighs 4.3 ounces and features a backlock mechanism for the blade.

Kershaw's Crown Plain Edge Knife is a vintage model that collectors will appreciate owning. The cutting tool features a secure locking liner that provides the user with extra blade safety when the knife is opened. The Crown Plain Edge Knife weighs 3.8 ounces, and its blade length is 3-1/4 inches.

Kershaw Commemorative Knives

Kershaw released an Anniversary Limited Edition Commemorative Knife to honor its 30th year in business. The company made just 250 models of its anniversary knife. It measures 3-1/2 inches when the stainless steel blade is closed. The Anniversary Edition knife also has a dual thumb stud and a lanyard hole.

The Kershaw 1984 Commemorative Duck Stamp Knife Set is one of the company's collectibles. The set includes two knives and a handy storage case. Both of the set's knives feature a permanent stamp etching.

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Today's Kershaw Knives

The Kershaw Company's Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife is a durable cutting tool that the company makes from 13C26 stainless steel. The knife model is 3 3/8 inches long, and it comes with a smooth or serrated blade. Since the knife's handle is made from lightweight anodized aluminum, the item is easy to carry and comfortable to use. Kershaw included a torsion bar, which keeps the knife closed when the user stores or transports the knife. When a person needs to open the knife blade, he or she applies manual pressure to the tool's thumb stud.

Kershaw 1670 Blur Tanto Knife/Ken Onion Design/Tiger StripeKershaw Blur Tanto Knife/Ken Onion/Tiger Stripe/Closed ViewDesert Sand Blue Assisted Opening Knife/Kershaw/Ken OnionKershaw Ken Onion Blur Knife/Red
The Blur is another very popular pocket knife made by Kershaw. Ken Onion design.

Knife enthusiasts will enjoy owning Kershaw's Ken Onion LeekFolding Knife. The knife model comes with SpeedSafe technology. With the technology's inclusion, users can activate the blade quickly and easily by using just one hand. The knife model's blade is 3 inches long, and when the knife is closed, it measures 4 inches long. The Ken Onion Leek knife weighs 3 ounces, which makes it convenient to transport.

Kershaw 1660 BRCKT Leek Folding Knife/Ken Onion DesignKershaw Leek Folder Knife/Designed by Ken Onion/Burnt OrangeKershaw Ken Onion Desing/Leek Plain Edge/Damascus BladeKershaw New Ken Onion Design Pink Leek Plain Edge Blade
The Leek is a plain, simple looking folder with speedsafe technology for one-handed opening.

Kershaw's Black Clash Folding Serrated SpeedSafe Knife is another quality-cutting tool. The model features a blade made from stainless steel, and it measures 3 1/8 inches long. Since the Black Clashcomes with a drop point blade, the cutting edge has a slight curve. The blade design allows users to complete slicing and cutting tasks.

Kershaw Black Clash/Flipper Assisted Opening/Combo Edge/Opened ViewKershaw Black Clash Flipper Assisted Opening Combo Edge/Closed View
The Black Clash-gotta love the combo edge blade!

The Cryo SpeedSafe Folding Knife is a cutting tool that will catch the eye of knife enthusiasts as it features titanium carbo-nitrade coating. It comes with a pocket clip that allows the owner to carry the knife in the tip up or down position. The Kershaw Company constructs the knife model with SpeedSafe, frame lock and flipper opening technology. SpeedSafe allows users to open the knife quickly while the frame lock feature locks the blade securely. The company's flipper opening technology helps users open the blade. People who buy the knife model will receive a cutting tool that measures 3-3/4 inches when it's closed. In addition, the blade is 2-3/4 inches long.

Kershaw 1555TI Cryo SpeedSafe Folding KnifeKershaw Cryo Speedsafe Folding Knife/Closed View/1555TI
The Cryo Speedsafe is one of Kershaw's most popular knives!


Kershaw knives are some of the industry's most innovative and popular knives. In fact, knife users around the world respect the company's products. When people buy a Kershaw knife, they should expect to have a cutting tool that will retain its usefulness for many years.