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Imperial Knives

In 1916, Felix and Michael Mirando founded the Imperial Knife Company. The two men were immigrants from Frosolone, Italy, which is a traditional blacksmithing town. Before starting their own company, Felix and Michael were employed by the Empire Knife Company in Winsted, Connecticut. The entrepreneurs decided to start the Imperial Knife Company in Providence, Rhode Island, to be close to the city's jewelry industry.

The Imperial Company's first product was waldemars, which are also known as skeleton or fob knives. Specifically, a skeleton is a pocket watch chain knife. During the 1800s and early 1900s, skeleton knives were a popular men's fashion accessory.

Felix and Michael Mirando brought their friend, Domenic Fazzano, onboard to manage Imperial, and for a short time, the company became one of America's largest knife producers. In fact, Imperial developed a number of successful pocketknife inventions.

WWII Era US M4 Imperial Bayonet Fighting KnifeVietnam M6 Imperial Fighting Knife Bayonet M8A1Imperial Providence RI Fixed Blade Knife Made in USA

Albert Baer purchased several knife companies during the mid-1900s, and in 1941, he merged the Imperial Knife Company with the Ulster Knife Company. Mr. Baer renamed the business the Imperial Knife Associated Companies. The Imperial division performed well until the late 1970s, but after a consolidation, the company divested its holdings. In 1985, the main division of the organization changed its name to Imperial Schrade Corporation, and the company hired Walter Gardiner to be the president. Tang stamps with the Imperial name continued until 1988. During that year, the company discontinued the name and replaced it with Schrade. Taylor Brands bought Schrade's trademark, knife patterns and designs in 2004. Taylor Brands currently produces knives under the Imperial Schrade name

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Vintage Imperial Pocketknives

Vintage Imperial pocketknives are still available. For instance, knife connoisseurs can buy the Burnt Stag Delrin Mark Twain Barlow model. It features steel handle pins and brass liners. The cutting tool is stamped with the "Mark Twain" brand, and knife consumers can locate models that are in good shape.

Collectible BSOA Imperial Pocket Knife Imperial Boy Scout Knife/Can Opener & Emblem showingVintage BSA Pocket Knife/ImperialVintage Boy Scouts of America/BSA/Lot of 3 Pocket KnivesVintage 50s & 60s Imperial USA Folding Fish Knife Lot
Vintage Imperial knife lots are easily found on eBay if you are into the old collectible pieces.

The Slick Black Delrin Barlow knife is another vintage pocketknife that consumers may be interested in buying. The knife comes with a pen and long nail pull blade that are made from high carbon steel. It also features brass handle pins, steel bolsters and steel liners.

Contemporary Options

Modern Imperial knives include the Black Folder IMP22 model. The pocketknife's blade is made from high carbon stainless steel, and it measures 2.7 inches long. The Black Folder comes with a celluloid handle, brass liners and nickel silver bolsters. People who buy the knife model will appreciate its size and weight since the cutting tool's total length is 6.4 inches while its weight is 2.1 ounces.

The Congress Pocketknife is another handy cutting tool. The pocketknife weighs just 2.5 ounces, and its handle is made from celluloid, which is a durable plastic material. The handle's length is 3.6 inches long, and the knife's longest blade measures 2.1 inches. The company includes four useful blades with the Congress model, and it makes each one from stainless steel. Brass liners and nickel silver bolsters are another feature of the model.

For many years, the Schrade Imperial Stockman pocketknife has been a favorite tool of artisans and manual workers. The knife model features a classic clip point, spey and sheepsfoot blade, which are made from 400 stainless steel. It is 3.5 inches long in the closed position, and the knife manufacturer fashions the knife's handle from bone.

The Imperial Small Trapper Pocketknife offers quality and convenience. The company develops the model's handle in different colors such as purple, yellow and pink. When the knife is in the closed position, it measures 2.7 inches long. The blade is made from stainless steel, and the knife's total weight is slightly heavier than 1 ounce.

Knife consumers can also buy an Imperial brand small Sod Buster pocketknife. The knife type features one blade that the company makes from 400 stainless steel. It is 3.7 inches long in the closed position, and the small Sod Buster pocketknife weighs 2.1 ounces.

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The manufacturer of Imperial knives produces a small Peanut Lockback Pocketknife that weighs just 0.9 ounces. When a user closes the blade, the knife will measure 2.8 inches long, and the handle is formed from celluloid.


Pocketknives are handy tools that people can use during outdoor excursions and to complete indoor cutting tasks. Knife enthusiasts will appreciate the many Imperial knife options that are available. Furthermore, the brand features quality construction and stylish design elements for greater collectability.

1930s Imperial Single Blade Mickey Mouse Pocket KnifeTiffany & Co. Vintage Sterling 925 Engine Turned Imperial Pen Knife
Beautiful Imperial made Disney Souvenier pocket knife
from the 1930s & a gentleman's luxury knife from Tiffany & Co.