Gerber Pocket Knives

Gerber Pocket Knives

The Gerber Company began in the knife industry as a business called Gerber Legendary Blades. In 1919, Joseph R. Gerber had a job as an advertising executive. To impress his clients, he ordered several sets of handcrafted knives to give as Christmas gifts. The presents were so popular that he decided to leave his advertising job and enter the knife production business. In 1939, Joseph R. Gerber and his sons began selling cutlery sets. The business flourished, and by 1960, the company had grown into one the most respected and collected brands in the country.

The company's base is in Portland, Oregon, and most of Gerber's products are developed and produced there. Furthermore, Gerber believes in backing up its merchandise, so it offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products.

Today, Gerber has expanded its product line to include survival kits, axes and multi-use tools as well as machetes, headlamps and digging devices.

About Gerber Pocketknives

The Gerber Company's goal is to make the best knives in the world. To accomplish its goal, the company implements a strict manufacturing and product purchasing strategy, which includes using high quality materials to make knives that are durable and appealing.

Gerber produces a collection of small knives that are ideal for outdoor tasks. In addition, the company's pocketknives are popular choices for people who use the tool for work purposes. Gerber is famous for making lightweight utility knives that feature replaceable blades along with knives that have multiple blades.

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Best Gerber Pocketknives

The Gerber Paraframe Mini Folding Knifeis one of the company's best cutting tools. The knife features a frame lock mechanism. In addition, the Paraframe model includes a nail nick for easy blade opening and a stainless steel clip that attaches the device to the owner's pocket. The clip can also operate as a money clip. Knife enthusiasts will appreciate its open handle design and size as the knife measures slightly more than 3 inches. The blade is made from surgical stainless steel and is 2.25 inches long.

Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife/RedGerber Mini Paraframe Knife/red/clip side view
The Mini Paraframe by Gerber-One of their top selling folding knives.

Gerber's Mini Paraframe Knifeis another quality-cutting tool made by Gerber. The tool is lightweight and small. In addition, the knife comes with a serrated blade, and owners can open it with one simple action. The handle design features distinctive cutouts to decrease the knife's weight, and its durable construction prevents the blade from moving when it's in the open position. The knife's blade tip also tapers to give users more versatility as it allows them to make cuts in small areas.

Gerber Fast Draw Folding Knife
The Popular Gerber Fast Draw Knife

TheGerber Fast DrawSpring Assisted Knife features a stainless steel blade along with a nylon handle that has tactile texturing to prevent the user's hands from slipping. The cutting tool weighs just 3.6 ounces, and its length is 7.13 inches. The Fast Draw knife includes Forward Action Spring Technology, which is referred to as F.A.S.T. Butch Vallotton, the famous Oregon knife developer, designed F.A.S.T. for Gerber. Knives that feature the innovation allow users to gain access to the blade quickly.

Bear Grylls Knives

Gerber teamed up with Bear Grylls to make a series of knives. Bear is the Chief Scout in the UK, and he has extensive survival experience. For instance, Mr. Grylls has climbed Mount Everest and spent time in the British SAS. With his help, Gerber was able to produce a one-of-a-kind knife line to help people fully enjoy the outdoors.

The Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Drop Point Knife is a quality-cutting tool. The knife features a 1/2 serrated high carbon stainless steel blade, which is perfect for cutting through tough rope or twine. In addition, the cutting tool's two sided thumb stud makes the knife easy to open with one hand while the textured rubber handle decreases slippage and increases the user's comfort. For safety, the knife has a lock back feature to keep the blade secure, and the fastening clip allows owners to transport the knife without the fear of losing it.

When consumers purchase a Bear Grylls Compact Scout Knife, they'll receive a cutting tool that is slim and lightweight. It also has a 1/2 serrated stainless steel blade. Furthermore, the knife comes with basic features like a nail nick for convenient opening and the lock blade system. Owners will especially appreciate the oversized finger notch design as it decreases slippage when opening the blade. The knife's total size is 5.8 inches while its closed length is 3.3 inches.

Why Knife Enthusiasts Should Buy a Gerber Product

The Gerber Company was founded more than 70 years ago, and the company has grown consistently since Mr. Gerber launched it. Furthermore, Gerber continues to use the same business principles that made it successful. For instance, the company uses high quality materials to make its knives as well as modern designs that consumers can use for the rest of their lives.