Cold Steel Knives-Folders & Fixed Blade

Cold Steel Folders and Fixed Blade Knives

In 1980, Lynn Thompson established Cold Steel, Incorporated in Ventura, California. Cold Steel manufactures some of the industry's toughest and sharpest knives. Mr. Thompson is passionate about spending time in the outdoors. He is an expert in self-defense and a big game hunter. Therefore, he knows what kind of tools outdoorsmen need.

The knife company is an industry leader when it comes to innovations as its artisans are responsible for product designs like checked Kraton handles along with Tanto point blades, which include unique additions and features. To prove the strength and force of its Tanto blades, the company's researchers plunged the knives into 55-gallon steel drums and car doors.

Cold Steel has introduced state-of-the-art blade steels such as San Mai III and Tri-Ad. Other innovations include the Lock and Locking device for the company's folding knives and the Tri-Ad lock.

Cold Steel Cavalry Saber SwordCold Steel Cavalry Saber Sword Viewing HandleCold Steel Cavalry Saber Sword-Seath & Sword View
Cold Steel Cavalry reproduction swords make great collectibles and game room pieces!

Cold Steel has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Japan, Republic of China and South Africa. In addition, the company produces a variety of tools including fixed blade knives and folding knives. Cold Steel even makes walking sticks, machetes and swords

The company's products are favored in the entertainment industry as they are featured in numerous movies, television shows and video games. For instance, in the film "The Expendables," one of the characters throws a Cold Steel knife during a knife-throwing contest.

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Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knives

One of the company's most popular fixed blade knife models is the Peace Maker II. The knife can be carried discreetly as owners can clip it to the top of their boot and conceal it under their pant leg. The carrying location is also comfortable because it won't rub or irritate the wearer's skin. The Peace Maker II comes with a blade that measures 5-1/2 inches long. Its weight is 5.4 ounces, and the knife's total length is 10-1/4 inches. Cold Steel manufactures the knife model with a slender rectangular shaped handle. To ensure user comfort, the company includes handle enhancements like refined contouring and a distinct palm swell. In addition, the handle features a course-stippling pattern to decrease slippage during use.

Cold Steel ODA San Mai III Fixed Blade KniveCold Steel Machete Style Fixed Blade Kukri Knife w/Seath
Cold Steel San Mai III & Machete w/Seath.

The Cold Steel Marauder is another quality fixed blade knife. When the company decided to make the model, it was inspired by the effective combat knives used during WWII as well as a ruthless military assault division that went by the name of Merrill's Marauders. The Marauder Knife comes with an extra wide razor sharp Japanese AUS8A blade. In addition, the blade features a curved cutting edge as well as broad blade bevels. It has a full tang that the company's artisans enclose in a double quillion sub hilt Kray-Ex handle. The knife model's durable construction ensures that it can hold up against the elements. It is also comfortable to use. The Cold Steel Marauder weighs 11.2 ounces, and it measures 14-1/8 inches long.

Cold Steel Folding Knives

Cold Steel's Talwar knife is one of the company's quality folding knives. Cold Steel based the knife model on an antique knife used by the Sikhs when the British Empire attempted to overtake their territory during the 1800s. The Sikhs retaliated with a deadly sword known as the Talwar. The sword featured an excessively sharp curved blade that was capable of removing limbs and heads.

Cold Steel 62NGL Espada Series Lg Size Folding Knife-Closed ViewCold Steel 62NGL Espada Series Large Folding Knife/Open ViewCold Steel American Lawman Folding KnifeCold Steel Recon 1 Ultra Lock Model 27LCH/Folding Pocket Knife
Just a few samples of the many quality folding knives by Cold Steel.

The Cold Steel Talwar Knife was designed by Andrew Demko, the renowned custom knife artisan, and Lynn C Thompson. The knife model features a curved blade that provides superior cutting and penetrating power. This feature has not been available in other folding knife models. Cold Steel makes the Talwar's handle from American G-10. In addition, the company added texturing to the handle to prevent the user's hand from slipping during use. The handle also features contouring and tactically placed finger grooves for extra comfort. To protect the user's fingers, Cold Steel added the Tri-Ad lock to the knife. The mechanism keeps the blade locked in place. The Talwar Knife's blade is 5-1/2 inches long, and its total length measures 12-3/4 inches. The knife model also weighs 8.4 ounces.

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The Cold Steel XL Recon Folding Knife is a popular model with military and law enforcement personnel. However, many regular knife owners also prefer the cutting tool. Cold Steel manufactures the model in various sizes with different blade shapes. For instance, the Recon 1 Folding Knife comes with a blade that is 5-1/2 inches long. The knife weighs 8 ounces, and its full length is 12-1/4 inches.

Cold Steel Hold Out II Closed ViewCold Steel Hold Out II Open View
Cold Steel "Hold Out"above and the "Triple Action" below.

Final Thoughts

Other companies have tried to mimic the knife innovations of Cold Steel, but they have been unable to surpass the quality and inventive elements of the company's cutting tools. When knife enthusiasts purchase a Cold Steel knife, they'll have a handy cutting tool that will hold up for many years.