Chris Reeve Knives

The Beginning

The Chris Reeve Knife Company began as a one-person business venture. In January of 1984, Chris Reeve started crafting custom knives in a single garage that was connected to his Durban residence in South Africa. Mr. Reeve worked alone and created a variety of knife designs. At the start of his knife-crafting career, Chris Reeve sold his early knife models in the South African market. He even sold some of his first one-piece designs locally. In 1985, Mr. Reeve received a query about his knives from a client in the United States. A short time later, the knife maker shipped an order that included his one-piece knives to Los Angeles, California.

Chris Reeve Mnandi w/Ladder SS DamascusChris Reeve Mnandi w/Ladder SS Damascus-Premium Snake
Beautiful Damascus forging on this Chris Reeve's folder!

Chris Reeve's American client promised to make knife orders on a regular basis, so the knife maker decided to move into a larger residence where he could keep up with the demand. He even hired an assistant. Mr. Reeve consistently worked to improve his manufacturing methods and increase his production volume.

In 1986, Chris Reeve decided to sell his knives at a United States custom knife show where he met the entrepreneurs of Blackjack Knives. The meeting resulted in more sales for Chris Reeve. He returned to America the following year to sell his cutting tools at the California Custom Knife Show. The knife company continued to grow, and by 1989, he had four employees including his wife Anne.

Chris Reeve Sebenza Molon Labe Custom Knife Closed ViewChris Reeve Sebenza Molon Labe Custom Knife Damascus ForgingaChris Reeve Sebenza Molon Labe Custom Knife/Clip Side View
A Chris Reeve custom Sebenza, Molon Labe..stunning!

During March of 1989, Chris and Anne moved to Boise, Idaho. The couple's first few years in America were tough, but they kept producing knives, and a few years later, the company was showing growth. In 1991, Mr. Reeve introduced one of his most famous cutting tool designs, which was the Sebenza Knife, to the market, and in 1993, the company became Reeve Incorporated. It released a brochure during 1994, and the renowned knife maker collaborated with Dick Barber to produce CPM S30V steel for knife blades during 2003. Later, he worked with William Harsey, Jr. on a few fixed blade-cutting tools. Today, people who buy knives for work purposes or as collectibles will appreciate owning a Chris Reeve Knife.

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About the Quality and Cost of Chris Reeve Knives

Chris Reeve knives frequently come with a higher price tag than knives made by other manufacturers. However, knife enthusiasts will appreciate the added elements that the company includes with its knives. For instance, the knife blade in a Chris Reeve cutting tool is made from CPM S35VN stainless steel, which is approximately 15 to 20 percent stronger than the industry's prior leading steel. Furthermore, the material is resistant to wear, and it is developed with state-of-the-art technology.

The company's knives feature quality design elements such as textured handles for slip resistant use. Also, when a Chris Reeve knife model has a locking mechanism, it becomes a part of the handle for added strength.

Chris Reeve's knives feature superior workmanship. In fact, the knife designer focuses on creating cutting tools with perfect symmetry. His knives come with hand fitted locks, and the company's inspectors review each one several times before it is sent to the client.

Collectors usually add a Chris Reeve knife to their accumulation of cutting tools because the company's knives increase the value of their collections. eBay is a great source for discount Sebenza knives, both new and used!

Chris Reeve Model Options

Popular Chris Reeve knife models include the Mnandi edition. The cutting tool features a titanium handle with box elder burl wood inlays and a large thumb blade depression for quick blade activation. The knife model measures 6.37 inches long.

Chris Reeve Knife Mnandi Cocobolo Wood S35VN Closed ViewChris Reeve Knives/Mnandi Cocobolo Wood/Open View
The wood on this pocket knife is simply stunning!

The Professional Soldier Fixed Blade Knife is another admired cutting tool model manufactured by the Chris Reeve Company. It comes with a Tanto-style blade shape as well as a full tang. The knife model features a lightweight handle with cutouts. It measures 7.25 inches long, and Chris Reeve collaborated with Bill Harsey to design the model.

About the Sebenza Knife Model

The Sebenza Knife is a renowned cutting tool in the knife industry. Chris Reeve introduced the first Sebenza model in 1991, and he included a modified version of the Walker Liner Lock in the knife design. Chris Reeve's Sebenza Knife features simple construction as it has two frame halves, a blade stop, one pocket clip and a single spacer as well as basic screws, pins and washers. The knife model also comes with a revolving blade that includes a thumb stud. In fact, the Sebenza Knife features 17 total parts.

chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 Knife/Opened ViewChris reeve lg sebenza 21 knife 3.625Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 Knife/Clip Side View
A few views of the Chris Reeve Lg Sebenza 21 folding knife.

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Chris Reeve Knife/Small Sebenza 21 S35VN/Come and Get ThemChris Reeve Knife/Sebenza 21 S35VN/Come and Take ItChris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 S35VN/Come and Take it/Open View
Chris Reeve sm Sebenza 21 S35VN "Come and Take it"

The Chris Reeve Company manufactures the frame's halves from titanium, and the sections measure .050 of an inch wide. Furthermore, many of the knife model's edges are double beveled for additional carrying comfort, and the areas that feature single beveling are meticulously designed. The company makes the knife model's thumb stud and pocket clip from titanium. The Sebenza's fittings and blade are manufactured from 303 stainless steel. According to owners of the knife model, the Sebenza is comfortable to use, and the blade opens smoothly and easily. It also cuts effortlessly and efficiently.

In Summation

Knife collectors and people who prefer a superior knife for everyday cutting tasks will appreciate owning a Chris Reeve knife. In particular, the Sebenza model offers many advantages such as its meticulous design, blade accessibility and quality construction. Chris Reeve knives are quality products that will endure a lifetime of use.