Buck Pocket Knives

Buck Pocketknives

In 1902, a young Kansas blacksmith developed the first Buck knife. The novice blacksmith was named Hoyt Buck, and his invention occurred after he started searching for a better technique to temper steel.

Mr. Buck crafted each of his knives by hand, and his products were especially useful during World War II. Once the war had ended, Buck and his son, Al, relocated to San Diego and began the H.H. Buck & Son Company. They opened the business's doors in 1947.

In 1964, Al Buck transformed the knife trade when he created the Model 110 Folding Hunter as he included a folding lockblade feature with the knife. The advancement made the company a frontrunner in the industry.

Due to the ingenuity of the company's founders, Buck has adopted an enduring commitment to produce state-of-the-art products.

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Buck Koji Folder Pocket Knife/USA

Best Buck Knives

The Buck 110 is one of today's most iconic hunting knives, and as a result, many other knife manufacturers have copied its design. The 110 has a 420HC rust resistant blade, which is easy to sharpen. It also remains sharp for a long time. The knife's lock features high quality materials and design elements.

Buck 110 Knife WBC LE Design Malachite Cocobola HandleRanger 112 Buck Knife/Made in USA

Therefore, users will not experience play in either direction when they are completing a job. The Buck 110 is sturdy, and it can withstand plenty of cutting tasks. The knife is about 5 inches long when it's closed while the blade is 3-1/4 inches long. Knife enthusiasts will appreciate the cutting tool's wood handle and its brass bolsters. The Buck 110 is ideal for camping and general outdoor tasks. Buck's 112 Ranger pocketknife is a smaller version of the 110 Folding Hunter. The cutting tool features the company's classic lockback design as well as a three-clip point stainless steel blade. Its handle is made from wood, and the knife has polished brass supports.

The Buck 55 pocketknife is modeled after the company's 110 Folding Hunter. The 55 comes with a natural wood grain handle along with brass bolsters. It has a stainless steel clip point blade, and the total blade length is slightly more than 2 inches. Knife enthusiasts will appreciate the knife's size as it's ideal for pocket transport.

Buck 55 Folding Hunter/Closed ViewBuck 55 Folding Hunter Knife/Open View
The Buck 55 is a beautiful, practical pocket knife.

Tactical knife enthusiasts will enjoy owning the Buck Bones Hunting Knife. The cutting tool includes the frame lock feature and a state-of-the-art tactical overlay. The Buck Bones knife comes with a curved handle that includes grip points. Furthermore, the knife's grip points are built-in at three essential pressure areas to give users a secure grasp. Buck built the knife with a skeletal frame to decrease the tool's weight. The frame design also increases the knife's sturdiness. The partially serrated blade gives users an enhanced performance. In addition, the blade can be engaged with one-hand. Buck makes the knife model in two sizes and a variety of colors.

The Buck Alpha Hunter knife is another well-designed Buck product. When knife enthusiasts purchase the Folding Alpha Hunter, they'll have an item that will feel solid and smooth. For many knife owners, the Buck Alpha Hunter knife is a companion tool to the fixed blade models.

Buck Knife 276 Alpha Hunter Limited Edition S30V-Closed ViewBuck Knife 276 Alpha Hunter Limited Edition S30V/Open ViewBuck 277 Folding Alpha Hunter Knife USA/Rosewood Handle

The knife's handle features rubber texturing to give users a solid grip. Furthermore, the knife comes with a 3-1/2 inch drop point stainless steel blade. It is 5 inches long in the closed position, and the knife model weighs 8 ounces.

New Buck Knife Models

In 2013, the Buck Company introduced the 726 Mini SpitFire. The cutting tool is based on the full size SpitFire knife. In fact, the full size version was so popular that consumers requested a smaller model. The 726 is a clip knife that offers users two positions. It is also available in three different colors and weighs just 2.1 ounces.

For tactical situations, knife enthusiasts will appreciate owning the 830 Marksman. The company produces the knife model in the United States, and it features Buck's new locking device. The famous knife artisans Grant and Gavin Hawk are the creative team responsible for the new lock. Owners can engage the 830 Marksman's blade with one hand, and when the blade is in the locked position, it is solidly in place. Furthermore, after the blade has been deployed, it offers users the strength of a fixed blade knife.