Pocket Knife Collectibles

As far back as I can remember I've had a fascination with pocket knives. I recall clearly around the age of 7 or 8 visiting my Uncle Joe with the family on Sunday afternoons. I would wait patiently for him to get near the garage so I could dart over and cleverly persuade him (or so I thought) into the area where he kept a cabinet full of really cool knives. These were his hunting, fishing and outdoor knives, all clean and proudly displayed, although he used them regularly.

Often he would take the time to tell a story about one, taking it down and letting me hold it. I particularly liked the folding knife styles and he would explain to me the different designs and functions of the shape, allowing me to pull each blade or tool out from the handle.

Over the years my Uncle gave me a few of those pocket knives and I still have them today. He was an avid hunter & outdoors-man, something that didn't quite stick with me in my adult years, but my fascination of the pocketknife never waned. I started collecting them decades ago and haven't stopped!

My Uncle's display consisted of very useful pieces. He didn't have too many limited edition or upscale pocket knives, however many of his knives would be highly sought after today as they are old vintage collectibles that he took very good care of.

Many collectors like myself are not using their knives for practical purposes but rather to feed a hobby & fascination with these tools that is unexplainable! I have obtained close to 100 pocket knives over the past 30 years, a modest collection to some of the hard core collectors in this country, but these are my hobby and they sure get a lot of attention. I have them displayed very nicely!

Most of my collection consists of luxury pocket knives or limited edition pieces. A few of them I carry with me on outdoor ventures or just everyday living but most just stay in the display case until someone shows interest and I take them out.

I used to buy my knives locally or when I was on vacation or out of town for any reason, I'd seek out the sports shops in that area. Today, I buy most of my knives online. Nothing really takes the place of shopping in person at a great knife store, but the internet saves a lot of time and money, especially when you already know what you want.

I've found that Amazon is a great place for many brands, especially when you are seeking a brand new pocket knife or limited edition pocket knives. Their prices are almost always lowest, they are a trusted company and the service is great.

Another online source is eBay, particularly for older vintage pieces or quality knives like the Chris Reeves Sebenza. I've only purchased a few knives on eBay because I'm not as interested in the "old collectibles" or used items as much as the newer, modern cutlery products. This online giant certainly has quite a selection if vintage or antique pocket knife collectibles is what you seek.

Oddly, in my opinion, it's (eBay) really the only place to go for a Chris Reeves piece unless you want to get on a waiting list or settle for something you didn't have in mind. I don't know why but eBay has a great selection of CR pocket knives, better than anywhere I know! Most of them are "Buy it Now" so you don't have to wait for days to see if you "win" and risk the chance of losing what you had your mind set on!

I've added pages of specific popular knives on this site with a little info about each brand or style and some links to pages where you can purchase them or compare prices. (In the end, I think you'll agree Amazon offers the best prices on most brands.) I've also placed some basic articles on history, maintenance, styles etc that I hope you find helpful or interesting. Happy collecting!